Technology is a grand thing. It saves time, creates convenience and just makes the world go round. From the coffee machine down to the garage light that switches on when the garage door opens. But what is a person to do when the technology fails. Due to the garage door being in use on a daily basis, the garage door opens and closes many times a day. As with everything, when used in excess, parts become worn out and a garage door and garage door parts are no exception.

A common issue with garage doors are the cables that become misaligned or broken on the cable drum. This can be repaired but proper tools are required and the installation of a garage door can be quite difficult. Caution should be practiced when working with the springs in the garage door and it is better to let a professional assist you with garage door springs.

This article addresses the steps to follow when installing a new garage door cable. Be sure to use the correct tools and to always be careful when working on a step ladder.

Gather your two vice grips, three inch wrench, a step ladder, some gloves, safety goggles and the new cable which you can buy from Auto-Gate. If at any time you need a professional hand, you can contact our friendly experienced professionals who will be more than happy to assist you.

  1. Firstly if your cable has detached itself on the one side, you must take care as the spring’s torque has transferred itself to the other side of the torsion spring assembly. This will most commonly cause the garage door to lift skew off the ground and run off its tracks.
  2. Next, apply pressure on the lifted side of the door by stepping to push that part of the door down to a level position. Secure the door with two vice grips to keep the door level.
  3. Remove and replace the damaged cable. It is advisable to not ever reuse the cable as once a cable is damaged it will continue to spool off. Replacement parts are available from Auto-Gate.
  4. Attach the new cable to the bottom bracket, allign the cable behind the door hinge up to the cable drum. Loosen the screws on the drum.
  5. Lift and drop the garage door to ensure that the door is running evenly along the tracks and resting flat on the ground.
  6. You may need to adjust the cables or tweak the setup to ensure optimal operation.

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