Summer is here again and what better way to embrace the changing weather than a cooling dip in a sparkling swimming pool! However, the winter leaves still lie thick at the top of the pool and the water has turned a slimy green colour as the chilly wind blew the brown leaves underneath the pool cover.

To keep a pool pristine all year round, the first thing to note is how a swimming pool is maintained. The do’s and don’ts of a swimming pool owner and what the healthiest option is for the swimming pool, environment and the swimmers.

To dive right into it, a swimming pool comes with a filtration system which allows for the pool water to remain free of algae and bacteria. Consider adding a self priming pool pump that is designed to work with the volume of your pool (the amount of water that pass through the system) to keep the swimming pool sparkling clean. Because the pool pump will run on a daily basis, you will want to find a solution that saves energy and makes use of the latest technology to ensure that your pool filtration systems run optimally at all times. Have a look at the motor of the pool pump to make sure it works for you and your pool. The vast variety of pool pumps can be overwhelming. Each pool pump is designed for different sizes and types of pools so be sure to procure a pool pump of top quality, that is durable, serviceable and appropriate for your pool’s size.

AutoGate Gauteng stock the ground and in-ground model pool pumps. When using the ground pool pump you will need to consider the ground size and area that the pump will be used in. The most popular model bought from AutoGate is the ground model because of the easy maintenance and cost effectiveness of this pool pump solution. The ground model pool pump can be installed in any location and can be easily moved, making the ground pool pump a more convenient option for most pool owners.

If ever in doubt when purchasing a pool pump, you can contact AutoGate Gauteng and one of our experienced consultants will be happy to give you details and offer you an option according to your requirements.

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