Extending onto existing electrical installations, rewiring, altering or installing electrical layouts in a new building are specialised jobs and should be undertaken by a specialist in the electrical industry. An electrician is trained and issued a special certificate to trade as a wireman. The electrician certificate is regulated by the health and safety department to ensure the safety of electrical installations. Hiring a certified electrician is imperative for the safety of your home or business and everybody contained within them.

People employ the services of an electrician to install, connect, test and uphold the maintenance of electrical systems for security systems, refrigeration, lighting, climate control and communication.

An electrician is also used in the industrial and commercial fields whereby they are used to install and setup the electronic controls for machines used in factories and commercial spaces.

An experienced electrician should be able to assist and advise on all electrical cost cutting and savings and also be able to indicate to the client on what the estimate costs and time frames are relating to the work and provide a written quote when the premises and work required has been assessed.

A certified electrician can be used to provide a certificate of compliance and in some cases can give gas compliancy certificates. These COC’s are treated as warranties and protect you against possible issues with your electrical layouts in the future.

If you are still unsure about who to contact or about hiring an electrician to install your electronic controls, to do your wiring, to install your cabling, to connect your mains or any other electrician related job, contact AutoGate Electrician on 086 111 2928 who have a professional electrician on hand to assist with all of your needs.

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