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Centurion A10 Auto Gate Motor

Centurion A10 Auto Gate MotorWe selected the best parts of our other gate operators, put them all together and bred the monster we affectionately refer to as the A10.

The A10’s hybrid custom-designed frequency inverter and high torque three-phase motor puts it firmly at the top of the food chain.

Big, strong this juggernaut can haul up to a two ton gate – and bring it to a comfortable stop just as easily.

Fortunately, this giant is friendly – sensitive anti-crushing control protects your car and loved ones.

Smooth and strong
A punier operator would move your big gate very grudgingly resulting in a lot of rattling and wobbling that takes a serious toll on your systems longevity.

The A10’s powerful inverter three-phase motor combination treats even the most massive gate like it’s a featherweight moving with a silky smoothness that ensures a long and healthy life.

Boundless energy
A DC to DC converter provides reliable battery backup ensuring that during a power failure, your two ton gate doesn’t become a two ton wall.
Ensuring that you can always get in but criminals can’t.

Jam-free manual release
You don’t have to be a weightlifter to move your gate.
In the highly unlikely event that your A10 isn’t able to perform, an easy to use jam-free manual release allows you to get in or out, without tearing any muscles.

Intelligent speed control
The A10 can be set to open a one ton gate at speeds of up to 30 metres per minute (16m/min for a heavier gate) for your security, then close slowly for added safety.
If you’re worried about someone sneaking in behind you, set your gate to close rapidly and slam the door on crime.

Has an operating mode for any application and will feel equally at home operating a townhouse gate or an industrial access point.

Sensitive anti-crushing protection technology.

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