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Centurion X-Trac Garage Door Motor

X-Trac Garage Door MotorXtra quiet, Xtra safe, Xtra reliable sectional and tip-up garage door operator.

Does using your garage door sound like a castle lowering its drawbridge? Unlike the openers of yesteryear, the XTrac’s super quiet and powerful 24V DC motor is connected directly to the garage door and travels with it as it opens or closes.

No more clanking chains results in a smoother and quieter ride.

No power? No problem. The XTrac isn’t fazed by any power issues – be they low voltages, spikes or even failures.

The XTrac can be set up in a matter of minutes, powers both sectional and tip-up doors and comes with a host of vital functions
and features.

Quiet, safe and reliable. Everything you’d expect from Centurion Systems.

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