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Centurion R3 Rotary Swing Gate Motor – Double

Centurion R3 Rotary Swing Gate Motor SingleIsn’t there just something more inviting about a swing gate?

After a long, hard day it’s nice to be welcomed by the arms of an R Series.

It’s like having an excitable puppy, doting wife and loyal butler all rolled into one – anxiously awaiting your arrival.

For regal, rotary swing gates, look no further than the R Series.

You’ve arrived.

Smooth and reliable
The sinusoidal motion of the R Series’ rotary arm ensures that, without any fancy speed control, your gate smoothly accelerates – then gradually comes to a graceful stop. Beyond just looking more professional, this fluid movement actually extends the lifetime of the motor. No shock-loading or jerkiness means the R Series will serve you for many years to come.

Safe and quiet functioning
If you live in a busy townhouse complex, the constant drone of a noisy gate motor may drive you over the edge. Thankfully, the R Series’ geared DC motor is very hush-hush and won’t disturb the tranquility. You’ll think you’re living on a quiet retreat in the country.

Accurate position control
Innovative internal position control makes installation easy. Sensitive anti-crushing control means that your car and your children’s limbs are safe.
Should our R Series detect even the tiniest obstruction, your gates will stop and immediately reopen – we wouldn’t dare ruin your arrival.

Secure locking
There will always be someone who wants what you have. Fortunately, an irreversible gearset makes sure that our R Series is locked tight.
Nobody can tamper with it and get onto your property.

Proven lightning protection
Nothing’s going to rain on your parade. More than 15 years’ worth of research has been put into the lightning and surge protection on our R Series. Come sunshine or rain, you can rely on the R Series.

Multiple operating features
Customise the R Series to your exact requirements with a number of different operating features. Whether you need an motor for your home or a townhouse, the R Series swings to your style.

Selected Product: Centurion R3 Rotary Swing Gate Motor – Double

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