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Centurion RDO2 Garage Door Motor

Centurion RDO2 Garage Door Motor in Pretoria, Centurion, Sandton and Cape Town Reliable and compact operator for domestic roll-up garage doors.

A 24V DC high-torque motor, operating so quietly you’ll need to look at the door just to be sure that it’s moving.

With an RDO2 not even power outages can close you down. Its reliable battery backup will keep you coming and going like there’s no tomorrow.

All this opening and closing had better be safe and secure. Utilising CENTURION’s ultra-secure code-hopping remote controls, and coupled with its anti-crushing sensitivity, the RDO2 has you covered.

Fitted for safety The motor is mounted on the inside of the drum, giving no exposure to dangerous moving parts.The sensitive anti-crushing system technology adds to the safety features of the system, making it a truly safe operator.

Powerful, quiet DC motor with battery backup A high-torque, potent DC motor will lift your roll-up door silently. Driven by a 24V battery supply, the system provides uninterrupted operation regardless of power outages.

Autoclose If you forget to close your garage door, your RDO2 will do it for you – if you’ve activated the Autoclose feature. Or maybe you’re moving stuff out of your garage and need the door to remain open – overriding Autoclose is as easy as pressing a button!

Anti-crushing control RDO2 sensors ensure that your garage door will never close on your child, car or pet – if an obstruction is detected the door will stop and reverse immediately. (Safety beams are recommended on any gate or door automation installation).

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