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Centurion D2 Turbo Low-Voltage Domestic Auto Gate Motor

Centurion D2 Turbo Domestic Auto Gate MotorPrepare for your sliding gate to be turbo-charged!

A 12V DC battery revs the D2 Turbo up to 9000 rpm so it’ll move gates weighing up to 250 kilograms at up to 24 metres
per minute.

Now that’s fast…

Sleek, strong, stylish – and even eco-conscious – this gate motor has it all.

No mains power at your gate? No problem!

The feature-rich and cost-effective D2 Turbo Low-Voltage domestic gate motor only requires a low-voltage AC or DC input to give life
to its powerful DC motor.

The D2 Turbo combines easy installation, built-in Battery Backup, Adaptive Collision Sensing and CENTURION’s 24 month carry-in warranty to provide you with the perfect domestic sliding gate solution.

Hardware features
• Fully-sealed plastic housing for controller to prevent ingress of dirt and insects
• Easy setup of controller using the Function and Setting Dials and the pushbutton
• Removable connectors on controller for easy maintenance
• Watchdog IC ensures full and safe operation of the controller
• Optional Backup Memory Module allows backing up of all the information that has been set up in the system
• Robust steel pinion to ensure long and reliable operation

Electronic features
• Opening and closing safety beam inputs with Beam Circuit functional test 1
• High-security Autoclose in conjunction with safety beams (PIRAC) 1
• Multiple Modes of Operation: Standard Mode, Open Only Mode (multi-user), Reversing Mode, and two Pre-flashing Modes
• Automatic closing with adjustable time delay, and pushbutton override
• Remote gate-status indicator (gate position, power failure, Low-battery, Multiple Collision Detection and Pillar Light status indication) 2
• Pedestrian Opening 3 (with adjustable Autoclose time)
• Holiday Lockout 3
• Courtesy (Pillar) Light Timer (fixed duration), with Pre-delays and two Pre-flashing Modes 4
• Selectable gate speed modes – Low Speed/High Speed (High Speed is the default)
• Positive Close Mode (e.g. ensure activation of electric fence contact switch)
• Onboard multichannel CENTURION code-hopping receiver with the ability to learn remote control buttons to specific functions
• (e.g. Gate trigger, Pedestrian opening, Holiday Lockout)
• D2 Turbo Low-Voltage controller requires only a low-voltage AC or DC input – save on installation costs!

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