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Gate Motors

AutoGate are leaders in the supply of Centurion, Gemini, Nice Hansa and E.T. motors to automate residential and commercial gates. Each type of gate is installed for a specific type of application.


Sliding Gate Motor

This type of gate is placed on wheels that slide from side to side on a track for easy opening and closing. The gate motor powers the gate in order for an automated process to function. In the case of a dual slide gate two gates are placed on a very long track. Each gate has a motor assigned to it and the gate motors push the gates towards each other till they meet in the middle. These gates are generally very heavy and require a professional company like AutoGate to ensure that the correct gate motor is used to power.


Swing Arm Motor

This form of gate motor is not as popular as the slide gate motor. The swing arm gate motor is fixed to a wall while the arm extends and is fitted to the gate thereby creating a swinging motion when opening and shutting. Similar to the slide gate motor mentioned above, a swing arm setup can entail either one or two gates. These gates are also very complex and technical to install and require a professional company like AutoGate to install.